1 Ella rock –It is avail at your foot walk and avail to climb with or without adventure guide and it is scenic. Nature offers it freely and we will arrange your walk or ride free too. Only additional amenities will cost slightly otherwise your leisure time will not be a burden to your wallet however.
1 Little Adam’s Peak – Not to be missed climb this, which is having a breathtaking view on the top. The path to top is fall through a tea estate. The name is itself denoting a worshiping place or temple, which you can see and some crowd you may expect there. Free at all.

Nine Arched Bridge
– Magnificent construction of Colonial times by English engineers with help of local labors now helping to have us Hill Country Train Line. A photogenic place very near to the hotel will take one of your mornings.


1 Rawana waterfall and caves – This is a waterfall split to two streams washing a hard rock stone, which is more dangerous to climb, but some athletes do. Highly photogenic. Your day spent there will not be a waste at all. Very close to hotel and at the alongside of the roadway.
1 Tea factory – You can explore the manufacturing of tea from tea plucking to packing and easily spend your day and do not forget to arrange your meetings, which is highly secret at this calm and cool journey. You are going to have newest experience seeing TEA process with one of your most important ambition of the Sri Lanka tour. Treat your Financial Advisor surprising him but without bribing, it is a low cost gift only.
1 Dova temple – An ancient Buddhist temple attracted by lots of travelers, with a historical value. Much things see worthy. Dova is a small village very close to hotel and why do not you explore the map? It is on there for your arrival. Not a hard journey.
Namunukula mountain range – Ideal for adventure and nature lovers for an unforgettable trekking and rock climbing. A middle heighted mountain, which take your day but lovely. Many artists valued this precious place in their songs, novels and poems. Have a bath at a water stream. Small group only, please. Otherwise, we cannot manage.
Dunhinda waterfall – The most scenic waterfall in Sri Lanka. A loud singing of fall will tell you a historical story but a little bit of hard foot journey needed to reach there. Place worthy treatments you may have there but no luxurious hotels nearby.